Three weeks and some change

Have I been pregnant for like five years or does it just feel that way? Finally, it's almost time to meet Lucy.

Arthur talked so much about his baby sister Lucy at school that the teachers asked his Mimo and Papi if she'd been born already.

If she doesn't come early, her bedroom will be ready on time. I am totally nesting...it's super cliche. I'm complaining about needing a break from work, and I spent the whole spring break painting, washing her clothing, going through our things and throwing things away and donating other things, organizing and reorganizing. I am in a complete frenzy thinking about the fact that any minute I could go to the hospital and the house wouldn't be ready.

I found like eight bucks in change so far while cleaning...almost enough to buy a purse-sized Very Sexy body spray.

Our baby shower was this week, but I don't have any pics to post yet. Arthur's birthday is on Saturday, but I don't think he really cares that much. He's too busy getting spoiled with both parents home all week...the very last time this will ever happen (next time he'll be sharing us with Lucy).

Here are some pics of the boys enjoying a tres leches cake.

Under the pear trees

Many times, I've thought how I'd love to get rid of the ugly chain link fence around our front lawn. But watching a toddler play freely on a lovely spring day, I've never appreciated it more. Perhaps we can replace it with something nicer someday? Justin has talked about making our lawn into a pretty little enclave, a crazy old lady's wild garden with gnomes and birdbaths, like the statue cemetery we had on Jamestown 14 years ago when Justin and Lee would steal statues from other people's lawns (we were kids, after all). I really kind of love that idea.

I hope to spend many more days for the duration of my pregnancy meditating on the beauty of nature as I relax in our little front lawn.


Arthur in his paint clothes helping out. Not coincidentally, this piece of wall will be made into a door by next week.

First coat of "Shrimp Toast" and a chalkboard. The Yoshimi mural will go around it.

Contrasting wall. Colors taken from the album cover.


Lucy's ceiling

I will post a picture of the texture Justin is adding later on. We just finished picking out paint for the walls/ceiling and should be putting together the mural soon.


Random Arthur

T-minus 4 weeks and counting

Insulation and ceiling, check and check.