Camping Awesomeness

Awesome camper you can pull with your car called the Cricket Trailer. This would be a great choice to replace our late Sidekick, God rest her soul, who perished in a tornado last year.

Urban Campout, for indoor "camping" in the dead of winter (or the dead heat of a Green Country summer). They have games, rooftop "drive-in" movie projector, popcorn, "campfires," fake plastic trees and astroturf...all the things I need to get back to my days of Samoas and bepigtailed badge collecting...along with a kickin' stereo, dance floor and BYOL policy.  We are totally doing this for my belated birthday this year, once I recover from protobaby, of course. There's only room for 20, so if you want in, 411 me. 

And finally, I am relentlessly daydreaming about luxury camping at a place like this fully-outfitted UK hidey hole with its cedar-barrel sauna and fresh local food to the point that I am tempted to ditch the London flat rental idea altogether:


Valerie said...

I think that Urban Campout looks like so much fun! I totally forget it's there, and I don't know anyone that's done it, but what a cool concept.

Mrs. O said...

I know, and I can't wait. If you guys are interested in joining us, let me know...it won't be until after the baby comes, so several months away, but I will remember. The more kids there, the better, and I think we will have space for 40 people if we do the family event (I don't know why, but you can't have as many at the all-adult event). We thought about doing a party exclusive of the kids, but it just seemed uncool to do something so kid-friendly and not bring them!

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