Cute kid pics, August edition

When I was a little girl, my parents took a f---ton pictures of my brother and I with the polaroid camera and we did the obligatory seasonal Olan Mills trip. I hated the studio portraits because I couldn't then and still can't smile on request. My smiles were skin-crawlingly creepy. I am glad to now live in an age were it doesn't take a roll of film to get a decent shot and we can take as many home photos as we want and some of the time they are as nice as studio pics. My next goal for this year is to take a photography class so my pics can be amazing. Meantime, for having our camera out of commission, it's pretty freaking awesome to be able to take a half-decent shot, or shall I say a shot that rivals anything my old purple 110 could have caught, with my phone. I love living in the future!

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