Apparently, being a working mom with one's own business and a part-time teacher while raising one's autistic/R.A.D. nephew, an often less well-behaved and insanely precocious other four-year-old, and an infant is a very busy line of work.

(That's me accounting for my lack of posting to my 20-some odd readers of friends, family and former students. Please do forgive and also forgive my acknowledging this in my blog which is apparently blogger taboo, although to be frank since this is a family blog and not a monetary blog I don't really see as it matters that much.)

Also, I am ashamed to say that since Picnik closed I've been far too lazy to edit my photos for the web. It's so sad and so true. Have Photoshop, can use Photoshop, have janky computer that runs like sh*t when Photoshop is open and little patience for remembering how to do the things I want to do in Photoshop. I know, so so so so so lazy.

Now to business.

What have the Owens been doing lately?

I've been wanting to check out Holi festival for ages, and the Indian Association of Greater Tulsa (IAGT) put on a heck of a party at Haikey Creek Park.

Holi is a festival of color. The point is, as the adorable Yorkshire Deven's adorable Indian mom explained, to celebrate the beginning of the farming season. Or something. She told me in India it gets crazy. It wasn't crazy, but it was fun. Bright colored powders were painted onto us by giggling little girls.

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