Eye candy kid books

Mimi the Merry-Go-Round Cat
Written by Dorothy Haas
Illustrated by Florence Sarah Winship 

Poor Mimi.  She is "nobody's kitten."  All of her friends have a person to love, but Mimi, with her affinity for candy and bright, colorful rides, is all alone in the big world; at least, until she meets Charlie Chuckles.  It's a simple story with a happy ending.  This little book is really for early readers, but it has a short, colorful story that appeals to little kids who like to flip through books on their own.  Arthur makes up his own version of these kinds of stories at reading time.

Have You Seen a Giraffe Hat?
Written by Irma Joyce,  Illustrated by Robert Storms

This little book has the same kind of appeal as Mimi...it's great for individual reading time.  Arthur recognizes the watering hole animals from one of his favorite movies, The Lion King (his other favorites are Despicable Me and anything starring Scooby Doo). How Benny the Giraffe got his hat is a jungle mystery, but he looks fly in it. This book is a primer on karma.  When the little giraffe acts out of compassion for others, his kindness comes back around threefold.

One Kitten for Kim
 Written by Adelaide Holl
Illustrated by Don Madden 

As a little girl, I was wholly preoccupied with the protagonist's girl name. This is not a book that's age-appropriate for a two-year-old if read verbatim. The incredible images and colors (blue, green and yellow) make it worth a "toddler paraphrase."  It's an adorable little story about how sneaky kids can be, something two-year-olds LOVE.

Grandpa's Policemen Friends 
Written by Bernice Frankel
Illustrated by Florence Sarah Winship 

This book is a terrific place to talk about what police officers do. Johnny's Gramps takes the reader from patrol car to detective desk.  I like breaking out the toy police car when we read it.

Wrong-way Howie Learns to Slide
Written by Sylvia Peake, Illustrated by Carol Wilde 

Little boy, big head, Deus ex Machina. Great American pastime.  Lovely book.

Here is a link to printable baseball coloring pages to go along with the story.

Aren't You Glad 
Written by Charlotte Zolotow, Illustrated by Elaine Kurtz 

A little girl with an enormous flower garland, surrounded by butterfly and bird, a little cowboy in Chuck Taylors, twirling ballerinas, fluffy cats tangled in yarn with large, geometric eyes, looming stars and suns all make this book absolutely beautiful.  The message is very zen, focusing on how we are all part of the same universe  

Here is a bio on the artist. 

Here are resources for teaching her books to your child. 

I Love You, Mouse 
Written by John Graham, Illustrated by Tomie DePaola 

Another book to suit a child's zen education.  The little boy in this story (sketched in lovely monochrome pencil shading) communes with the animals and imagines himself as each of them. This is one of those terrific books for transitioning to bedtime; the last few pages introduce the child's Daddo, who at last scoops up the little boy and declares, "I love you, baby, and since we're people, I've built a house for you, and given you a bed with warm quilts, a cool drink of water, a kiss on the nose, and a quiet good-night." The final image is a beautiful sketch of Little Boy snuggled in his bed surrounded by encroaching trees, moon and owl.  Too sweet! 

Here is a terrific article about the author and here is the illustrator's web page, filled with her lovely art.

Coloring pages by artist Tomie dePaola. 


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