Arthur's Blythe dolls

Arthur was helping me shop on Etsy before Christmas and went nuts over a Blythe doll. Unfortunately, we couldn't afford one and I didn't really want a knock-off.

We were wandering through the store tonight with Taeh and Arthur declared, "I want that one!" and pointed to a little Blythe doll smack in the middle of the Littlest Pet Shop dolls (which we also really like). He picked out two; one came with a scooter. They are little bitty versions of the originals, but he is super happy and up way too late playing with them.

He named this one Alice Annisenis.

And this one is Pepper.


Anonymous said...

I think it's good of you that you let your son choose which toys he wants to play with...just because he is a boy does not mean he must play with toy cars. Instead you let him play with those dolls. :] I think it's very kind of you to do that. :)

Blythe said...

Wow, gorgeous. I love Blythe Doll and just gifted my younger sister in her birthday that I collected from at PIJ :D
Its really pretty amazing.

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