Two dresses for LuLu

Taeh and I had a sewing + brownies night. I made a couple of little tiny dresses based on a pillowcase dress pattern for my little LuLu, inspired by the little pillowcase dresses we made at my friend Valerie's Little Dresses for Africa party.

This dress is repurposed fabric. I loved the original dress for ages. It was vintage and beautiful, a long 1970s hippie dress. I wore it until the seams fell apart, then sewed them back up until I knew it was time to throw in the towel. 

Taeh sewed a little "L" on the back of the dresses, for "Lucy," of course.

I love the little flower applique I made for this one. The best part about these dresses is they will stretch for the better part of her first year, maybe two, just by letting out the straps. Sweet little Lucy, can't wait to meet you!


Valerie said...

Hello, adorable! Love the strawberries and the little sweet "L"?! And of course, the flower applique makes that second one pop. Your flower appliques were one of my favorite things at the party. And you inspired me to make a few of my own since then!

Mrs. O said...

Thank you! I love them. I have a few I actually want to make dresses just to use. :)

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