Arty with Artie in the Yardy

I am not much of an artist...I spent all of my middle school art class in the corner of the room laughing with my girlfriend Dusti and some cute Asian Buddhist kid. But who doesn't love to play with colors and paint?

When it's very nice outside, I sometimes drag all of our fun art supplies out to the lawn and bring the neighbor kids over.

This week, I worked on Lucy's memory book. I love making these silly little memory books from blank journals, painting the pages with gesso and paint to thicken them up and give them a little texture before I hit them with my ninja sharpies, adding glitter, old greeting cards, stamps, etc. They aren't masterpieces, but they are as fun to fill in as they are to make. Arthur helped me paint the pages (between his twin unicorn paintings) and add glitter, stamps, stickers and other clip art.

Anyway, it will be nowhere near complete before Lucy comes home from the hospital, but that's all right...I will have something fun and easy to work on while on maternity leave!

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