Life, the Universe, and Lucy

Happy Easter!

It's been a surreal couple of weeks. The days before Lucy's birth moved like molasses. Thank goodness for good friends and the River's Edge.

We were heartbroken to find out that our cousin's husband, a 35-year-old father of three beautiful children, was killed in a car accident this week. I can't calculate the time Justin and I have spent thinking about him and his family. We love them so much and are just blown away at the strength my cousin has in this terrible time. I keep thinking that for every sadness in the world, there is something beautiful, and I've never had more poignant a reminder than this week. Please think of my cousins and send them all your positive energy and prayers. I am so grateful to have known Austin and been part of his spiritual journey. I know he would have adored this little girl.

I am counting my blessings more than ever today.

And isn't she just perfect?

One of my favorite parts about Lucy's birth was seeing all those friends and family make a new (little) friend.

This is my grandma Naomi Ruth Roe. I am sad my Grandpa John couldn't be here to meet the little girl.

...and her brother, Harold. Lucy loved him.

Dr. B, our family pediatrician.

Angelica, who lives up to her name, is a sugarcube of a girl who works in the dean's office. She came by to help me with the kids since Justin started his new job the Monday after I came home from the hospital. Check out that pretty smile! I think Lucy was very taken with her (and vice versa).

Arthur was very disappointed that Lucy was so little. "She's not apposed to be that little!" He protested. He was expecting more of a companion. I caught him trying to coax her into getting up and crawling, poor kid. Thankfully, he's started to settle into his big brother role. I sneaked this pic when he didn't think I was looking.

Not long before Lucy's birth, Justin told me our fortunes were about to change. After three years of layoffs and heartache, I hoped he was right. The week Lucy was born, he received two good job offers. Starting a new job the week Lucy arrived was kind of crazy, but we are happy to see our luck is changing.

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Melanie said...

I am so sorry about your cousin. That is heartbreaking. I'm glad you have those babies to keep you focused on the positive and aware that there is a brighter side to life. Still hard to take.

And yes, Lucy is absolutely perfect!

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