Blogger ate my boob vampire post

I wrote a really awesome, amazing post about my little boob vampire.

Blogger ate it.
And yes...I saved as I went, but blogger still ate it.

So for now, cute kid pics. I hate "Look How Freaking Cute My Kids Are Cause I Don't Have a Life" blogs, but honest to god, I don't have a life outside of breastfeeding and daydreaming about hygiene. So gratuitous family pics. Eat 'em up, YUM!

Arthur and cousin Noah at El Guapo's

Yoshimi-inspired pink robot made by our friend Cassie Angel

Arthur's Hide-and-Go-Seek fail

Artie dressed up to see Thomas the Train Live (or something like that) with his Mimo and Papi

Artie at Joe Momma's

And finally, Arthur's new favorite toy...a 25-piece Disney Clubhouse puzzle he can finish in about 20 minutes flat. What a smartie pants!

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