Reducing, reusing!

I want to share with you some really rad stuff we just got in the mail!  First, these--

1 Eco friendly and washable Swiffer floor dusters now CUSTOM You Choose the Color You Want

Swiffer is useful with our hardwoods, but it's incredibly wasteful and the little disposable swiffer covers don't go very far.  I am so excited about this thing from Mom and My Crafts that I just can't wait to order two more so we can do all the floors at once and toss them in the washer.  The best part is that they are only four dollars each!  We also got some of these amazing things:

The Original Reusable Oilcloth Sandwich/Snack Bag Trio in aqua Rose

They are oilcloth reusable snack totes, ten for three bucks from RickRack Queen.  Seeya later, ziplocs!  They totally match my reusable lunch sacks from Target, which are similar to these from Skip to My Lou:

Follow the link above to DIY.

And finally, we have a big ol' stack of flannel tooshie wipes for little boys:

Flannel Baby Wipes -reusable - set of 10

Do you have any more suggestions for me?  Peace and love, my friends!


Valerie said...

LOVE that lunch sack tutorial! I bookmarked it just now to add to my millions-long list of tutorials I would like to try. And I have been meaning to make some ziploc replacements, so maybe your post will spur me on to do it before henry rushes off to kindy this fall. now that you're on this kick, have you seen the wildest thing out there -- reusable cloth pantiliners. oh yeah. people make 'em now!

Mrs. O said...

I've seen them...not really mentally ready to make that leap yet. Some things I am okay with disposing of! Sorry, earth! Everything in moderation, including moderation, eh?

Valerie, I have the world's longest to-do tute list too. Every day, I look at oneprettything.com and think of more! Ugh! It's hard to be a full time bacon-bringer, mommy/wifey, desperate writer and carry these music and craft addictions. I know you are on the same page :)

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