Eric Carle post for Noah

My little blue-eyed extra awesome nephew Noah Michael John loves Eric Carle, so this post is for him.

Part of the whole going to school to teach English includes lesson building...each book is taught as the foundation of a unit, hopefully an interdisciplinary one.  As an undergrad, I found this part of my education intolerably dull.  As a mom, I am really darned glad they made me do it.

So today, I am going to post about a few books we've been reading recently and include some extras for your child's experience with them, whether you are doing the whole home-ed thing or just like us enjoy doing a little extra with the books you read.

The Internet makes being a mom so much easier! 

From Head to Toe

Classroom ideas
Fun art project from one mama's blog (although this clearly won't work with smunchkins, Roo likes watching us draw so much that we actually do the art and let him "help")
Learning colors printable worksheet PDF from the Eric Carle page
Brown Bear connect-the-dots pdf

These are the EC books we are reading so far this summer (at least until we pay our library fines!), but here's an idea for The Very Lonely Firely: make some adorable firefly lanterns with instructions from The Long Thread.  Thank heaven for bloggin' mamas!

And if you can read Japanese, you can spend some of your kids' college fund on awesome merch from this Japanese web site.

I meant to post more links, but my own little hungry caterpillar just woke up from his nap.  Have fun, people!  Peace and love.

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SnowQueen said...

We have brown bear...those books are terrific.

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