Scenes from Christmas

Arthur's second-ever stage debut

Our fabulous homemade stockings.

Tally's Cafe after a night of serious shopping with our good friend Taeh.

It doesn't feel at all like 14 years!

Nothing better than a house full of good friends at our annual Winter Solstice party.

Arthur created this gift for his (precious) Mimo. Not bad for a two-year-old, eh? He also decoorated the frame. @ Wild Fork in Utica Square for some lovely beignets and oatmeal.

Artie picking out gifts for Daddo, rocking the Green Bay jacket he wears as homage to his godfather. That is a tin full of M&Ms he's holding, which he picked out all by himself. He knows his daddo!

This is my kind of Christmas party.

My favorite librarian. Ssssh, don't tell!

After meeting Santa, Arthur was apparently an expert on Xmas. Here he is explaining how the whole thing works: "And presents for Arthur...and another presents for Arthur..."

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