Disney World at Halloween Pictorial Part One: Flight and check-in

It was our third trip to the (second) happiest place on Earth in less than three years, but it honestly didn't get old because with four theme parks, two water parks, and many other activities, there is just so much to do there. So glad I finally have a chance to post these pics of our trip.

We took a lot of luggage for our 9-day trip, sending it ahead in the RV with my parents.

We dragged poor Artie out of bed in his jammies and bundled him up. His Papi picked us up and drove us to the airport around 5:30 AM. It was actually Arthur's third airplane vacation, but the first time he was old enough to understand how cool it is to fly, something his Daddo and I love.

With Arthur changed and wide awake, we had a family throwdown of Hungry, Hungry Hippos, one of the best games ever for traveling with a toddler.

Arthur checked out some in-flight Futurama (one of his favorite shows) en route.


This is one incredibly sleepy little boy on board the Magical Express, Disney's shuttle from airport to resort. This is one of the benefits of staying on-property. On the way (about twenty-five minutes to our hotel), on-board videos show Disney check-in information and cartoons.

We decorated our hotel room at the All-Star Movies Resort for Halloween. The window was looking a bit shabby after a few two-year-old-related concessions were made, but we loved it and it helped us find our room. I meant to take photos of all the decorated windows, but I was caught in a Disney-induced pixie dust haze.

Scenes from our hotel:

The bathroom is little, but I am crazy about the star curtain.

"Mousekeeping," true to their name, leaves cheesy little towel creations and other fun touches to entertain the famaroo.

We brought loads of toys and entertainment for our nine-day trip so we could schedule plenty of downtime for decompressing. Arthur and his cousin enjoyed playing dress-up in the room. Noah is a doctor here.

This is where the buses arrived to take us to the parks every day (another perk of on-property--no driving, no parking fees, no long walk through the parking lots, all very nice amenities for a pregnant girl with a toddler in tow. Last year when Justin wasn't with us, I took Arthur to the parks by myself and met my parents later with no problems).

Front desk.

This is very much a kid-centric hotel, as this little theater for entertaining kids while parents check in demonstrates.

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