Disney World at Halloween Pictorial Part Two: Hollywood Studios

The very moment we arrived at our hotel, we checked our bags with the front desk and went straight to Hollywood Studios. Arthur was thrilled to see his cousin Noah waiting for him in the car. Unfortunately, it was 90 degrees in Florida when we arrived, but we still had a terrific time.

We went immediately for lunch at our favorite spot there, the 50s Prime Time Cafe, where your waitress is also your mom, the guys have to set the table, and you don't get dessert unless you eat your veggies.

This is the only thing I ever order there, despite my intentions, and it's super yummy stick-to-your-ribs food. It's pot roast with veggies and potatoes all sort of lumped together in a super delish way.

Artie checks out the dessert menu.

Then, we checked out Honey I Shrunk The Kids, the playground.

Short people love this.

I thought the giant spider web, which I unfortunately don't have a photo of, was the very coolest thing here, although I didn't get to accompany the guys on it since even a pint-sized "ropes course" isn't probably on the prego-recommended list.

Arthur got to meet up with Handy Manny.

The boys played with wooden guns.

This is the mermaid from Splash, which prompted a few unsolicited movie quotes from one of our party.

We love Muppets, so this place is always our faveskies.

Muppetvision 4d is probably the favorite for the three of us. We saw it twice this trip.

I think this is part of the Hannah Montana set on the backlot tour. It's cute!

Costume design. I wish we could have stopped and peered in the windows longer.

Special effects display

Arthur was seated on the inside and did not care for this part. He indignantly wiped water from his face and lamented, "Arthur not want to get wet!"

We loved this. Our favorite villain on this chart:

A street set up like a movie set.

Evil Ursula at Voyage of the Little Mermaid

Random cute window display

Turns out heat plus dehydration causes contractions, so I spent that evening in a wheelchair. All the better to plow through crowds with (not that the crowds were at all thick over Halloween week). Love my cheesy visor? I forgot a hat.

We had such a great time, even if I wasn't able to ride the Tower of Terror this time.

Our favorite ride, not pictured, was Toy Story Mania. There were no waits anywhere at Disney, and that place never dropped below 45 minutes while we were there. It was absolutely worth it.

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