cute big easy updo

I really enjoy wearing my hair up, but I really don't have time to primp. That's why finding easy ways to make my hair look like I put an hour into it make my heart flutter. 

I really love the look I wore yesterday so much that I wanted to post instructions and pics here.
This is so easy you won't believe it. 


Step one: Depending on how long, thick your hair is, you may need something like a Bumpit. Dumbest name ever, but it's a handy little product. Mine isn't that long right now, so I used two of them on the top.

If your hair is a bit longer and thicker, all you need to do for step one is tease/backcomb your roots, flip your hair upside down, spray, spray, spray with a high hold product--not so high that you get hair glue though--, let it dry, and then pull a section of your hair forward to "store" it for a sec. Pull another section of about two inches diameter from just past the front, the middliest middle, and twist it into the puffiest, biggest bun you can gather...a bun like this one, which can be achieved by twisting a sock into your hair or just poofing the crap out of it.

For me, I pulled the first section forward, then stuck a Bumpit further back on my head because I was going for a thickness near the back of my head. You can even using a second Bumpit, or a third, if you are going for a Marie Antoinette kind of deal.

Step two: Brush the hair from the front very flat, pulling it as wide as possible. Brush it over you bun or bump, then as you pull it behind the bun/bump, give it a little forward push for some extra volume, then bobby pin into place. You may also need to pull hair forward over the bump, but cover the bump as much as possible.

Step three: Leaving the sides out, pull a second small pony directly underneath your bump. Repeating the process above, make a thick loose bun, pull taught while pushing upward, and spray like a bitch.

Step four: In varying medium to small sections, using a smooth brush, pull sections of your hair across and over the bumps, brushing them flat as you go, pinning them into place.. Mix it up by throwing a loose braid or twist in there every now and then....not too many...and above all, spray the crap out of your hair.

Voila. You have an aesthetically pleasing configuration of hair that humans go nuts over.

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