Love letters to strangers

I love writing because I love words. I love words because they mean something...they are useful tools with limitless power that when wielded can destroy or create.

Words are magic.

That's why I fell in love with this website. Hannah, the site's owner, is on a mission: writing love letters to people who need them in a world where love can be hard to find.

I am one of those crazy teachers who thinks she's in Mona Lisa Smile or Dead Poets Society. I can't help myself: if I ever dreamed I could change the world one sweet word at a time, this delusion was solidified when one of my former students held my hand as the doctors cut through the donor tissue that makes up my abdominal wall to bring my daughter into the light and her first breath of air.

That's why when I first came across The World Needs More Love Letters, I knew this would totally make its way into my classroom. When I told my super awesome film student friend Jabari Jackson about my assignment, he decided he'd do me one better: he's going to use his talents to get some footage of our experience. I'll be rolling out the writing project this week for my Comp I and Comp II classes.

Here's the assignment. I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

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