how to get the perfect shade of lighter pink, lavender, lilac, blue, et cetera, for you hair

Maybe it's all the Rainbow Brite and Jem and My Little Pony schwag I consumed in the 80s as a genX child. I love coloring my hair unnatural colors. I've recently gone back to a more vivid pink, knowing that it will very soon fade into a pretty pastel. If you've ever done the Manic Panic thing, you probably know that pastels are really difficult to accomplish on your own...if you want true pastel highlights, you are almost better off shelling out the cheese for extensions. But if you want to cheat, do what I do between visits to my lovely friend and family stylist of about twelve years Corie Butler. Take a bottle of the bright color you want--I usually use two or more shades to get a kind of ombre effect, dying the ends first--and  mix with conditioner until you get a pale version of what you are going for. Pinks last the longest, but all pastels will require upkeep between visits. I go in for my next appointment on Saturday, so we'll see how it looks before it's total hair makeover time.

By the way...if you adore funky hair but hate the idea of bleaching the sh+t out of your hair, Corie says you should try using oil pastels for a no-commitment color that will take over darker shades and light ones. Who knew? I can't wait to go all rainbow one day just for the heck of it.

And yes, I am the only pink-haired English teacher at the college...that I know of, at least.

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