Disney World at Halloween Pictorial Part Four: EPCOT

Unlike everyone else, who seem to prefer Hollywood, EPCOT is my favorite park. I remember visiting when I was a little girl in 1984 when it was practically brand new, which I find hard to believe when we ride through the outdated but kitchalicious Spaceship Earth.

As a mom, I really appreciate the abundance of characters for little ones to meet and greet on the way in.

It's too bad I lost our autograph book on Halloween (I shouldn't have been using it for freewriting). Arthur will appreciate it more next year, anyway.

I was thrilled beyond words to witness the Captain Eo revival firsthand and finally share it with my hubs. This 3D Michael Jackson wonder, complete with George Lucas Star Wars rejects, is a can't-miss.

Seriously. This stuff is golden. Makes me want to thrust my hips.

Innoventions is a cool place for little ones to play with hands-on learning activities. Arthur is counting money in these pics.

Can't resist taking a photo of the fiber-optic ground, which is much cooler in person.

This thing at Journey into Imagination is too awesome for words. The boys are conducting music and images with their hands.

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