Evening crocs

Crocs are gross. Sorry, crocs fans. They are. They are the plastic birkenstoks of the 2000s.

The birkenstoks of the 2011s are Toms, also gross.

Basically, it's a lazy shoe that people feel okay wearing because everyone else wears them, even though we all know it's just plain wrong, like when a roomful of people sort of gradually fall into an episode of sloppy binge drinking. Everyone knows they shouldn't be doing it, but one or two people said to hell with it, it's the weekend, then the next couple of people said, well, hey, why, not, and so on and so forth.

We'll all regret it when we look back on the photos. It's an excuse to wear slippers outside of the house.

That said, I own a pair of crocs. Gross as they are, they are some of the best possible shoes to have in Bonnaroo mud.

Anyway, Lucy has a pair of navy Crocs by donation. And I thought if anyone can rock the Croc, it's miss Lu.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you....

drum roll please...

...evening Crocs! Perfect for that evening on the town that might just end in champagne and gardening!

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