Our Reaffirmation Ceremony Part 2

This was such a fun and amazing night, and we were so glad to have such lovely people present.

Arthur under the carport wishing to high heaven he could just get some cake already.

Lauren and Isaiah. Lauren is a librarian and a terrific one at that. They are a super cute couple.

Lauren, Isaiah and Charley with excellent seats for the ceremony.

Maynard had a pretty good seat.

Lucy with her Papi.


The rope is full of knots tied by our guests, each imbued with love, meditation, prayers and happy thoughts of all of our guests.

Justin cakephotobombing my pic with Kisha. I loved that he kept his rope on all night.

Alex was awfully sweet snuggling the baby.

White knots for marital equality...we believe that anyone who loves each other should be able to marry, regardless of gender.

Greta rocking her knot.

As night fell, woodland creatures and fairies began to appear.

Arthur's bff Jace

Left to right: me, Tina, Kisha, Greta, Taeh. These are four of the best women anywhere!

I adore this pic of Kisha and J.

I can't believe it's been 14 years.

Thank you for letting us share our special day with you!

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