Families and Festies

So by now, y'all probably know music is our thing.  In fact, we've been to over 200 shows together in the last 14 years.  Needless to say, we were extra excited earlier this year to get an official Bonnaroo e-mail with a picture of our son, whose picture is on their Kidz Jam page:


The little boy in the wagon is our Roo, with Taeh seated to his left.  Notice his hearing-protection headphones and the canopy over his wagon...the key to taking a kid to shows is making it about the kid and about having fun as a family. If your kid isn't having a good time and safety isn't a top priority, it's better to stay at home.  We posted a guide to doing Bonnaroo with kiddos, a blog which, unfortunately, still needs a few things, but I love letting people know that if your family is your priority, music festivals and concerts can bring you just as much (in our case, often more) joy than pre-munchkin.

Arthur's love for music was inevitable...he attended several concerts in utero, including Tool and The Flaming Lips and Tulsa's DFest.

We were pretty bummed to see that DFest was on hiatus this year, but the amazing Matthews brothers and our friend Jeff Richardson worked together with some of Tulsa's hardest-working music lovers to throw together a terrific show, FreeTulsa.  I can't emphasize enough how incredibly hard it is to put together and promote an event like this, and for the inaugural event, these guys did a freaking terrific job.  Glitches were minimal and music was diverse and constant, playing until 2 AM.  We can't wait to see what they do next year.

After attending last night's show, I was super stoked to realize that we'd recently been featured on Offbeat Mama, one of my favorite sites.  Here is the link:


We will post pictures of last night's event shortly.  Cheers!


Amanda said...

Great photo of Arthur and GREAT writeup on Offbeat Mama. I've not seen it before and am LOVING it.

Mrs. O said...

Thanks, Amanda! It was so cool to find it the night after we'd taken him to a music festival. What a happy feeling!

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