Table Collage Revamp for Roo

We love our neighborhood.  Our neighbors are amazing, lovely people and constantly doing nice things for each other and looking out for one another.  

Case in point, during the terrible ice storm of 2008, I was pregnant and giant and slipped on the ice.  Although our street was an ice-carved ghost town, three women rushed from various homes to my aid within seconds.  It was astonishing.

One of those women was our next-door neighbor Mary, whose son is former city councilor Eric Gomez, and they are both all around great people. Recently, Mary loaned us a little kid table her grandchildren had outgrown, an indefinite loan as she might want it back if she has any munchkin additions to the family.  Arthur loves it: it's just his size and he loves eating meals there, drawing, even reading the newspaper (we're not sure why or how that works either but he enjoys it nonetheless).  

The table is great, but the kindergarten classroom primary colors, its taped and battered reminders that it's been well-loved, and Arthur's own artistic additions to it were starting to grate on me, as the toddler hub has become a staple in the great room.  If the table was to stay, something must change. 

rough looking table

And then, as I was trying desperately to arrange the back room of the house, which has since Arthur's birth become our communal craft/sewing/music room (literally my violin hangs on the wall above my Singer and next to a giant Kustom amp), the Mod Podge spoke to me.

mod podge

 I popped over to Mod Podge Rocks to see if I could find something similar to what I was envisioning, where I found terrific inspiration from cuteness diva Kristi.  A short phone call to my girlfriend Eva, a couple of Cuba libres and a dozen and a half stories about our adventures in the crazy Jamestown house in the 90s later, we had this in the works:

table podge

We pillaged my wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, paint samples (Arthur picks them out and "buys" them when we go shopping at the home store...he loves it and the checkout clerks are happy to "scan" them...I've been hanging onto them like any good Level I hoarder waiting for the right change to use them) and vintage greeting card collection for colors and patterns and even characters we loved and then mod podged them to the table.  Because the surface of the table is a bit puffy, they kept wanting to peel up, wrinkle, and bubble, so it was something of a challenge, but we were hardcore.

When we finished the job, we attacked our table with stickers and other clip art.  We even hit it with a few inked-up stamps.  After Eva left, I coated the whole thing with glitter podge.

awesomest table ever

Although we plan to coat it with the world's thickest layer of polyurethane, the final project looks like this up close:

more table detail

table detail

I will probably finish the chairs later this week when I can recruit more Eva.  The best part is that it took about an evening and was super extra fun to have the kids help while we sat around chatting it up.

If you try this project, be sure to poly coat it, and post a link to pics for me!!!

Find lots of cool mod podge projects on Mod Podge Rocks.


Valerie said...

So awesome! And glitter podge?! That is the icing on the cake!

Natalie said...

New Kids On The Block. Win.

Melissa said...

Looks so fun! Love it!

Rose Nay said...

what an inventive lady you are. I love the idea. It is just what I need for my old table.

Jessica said...

Such a cute project - the NKOTB is just soooo awesome.

Jenny said...

Hi! I linked here from Modpodge Rocks! Love this little table. I have the same one and have remedied the garishness by peeling off the puffy top layer and applying layers of contact paper that can be removed and replaced as needed, and I reupholstered the chairs, but now I really want to collage top it! I was curious what you use for a poly coat? Craft or hardware store? Thanks for sharing, it's so cute and a great project for the kids to help with!

Mrs. O said...

We used an extremely durable polyurethane left over from finishing our son's floor, so hardware store. If you collage it, I would love to see a link! Thanks!

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