Free Tulsa Music Festival

Here are a couple of quick tips for taking a little monkey to an outdoor show, followed by a few pics from the Free Tulsa festie as promised.  Remember the most important rule of kids and concerts: safety and hearing protection.  Use ear plugs or ear covers or make sure you are far from the loudness of the speakers.  Arthur loves concerts, and I believe any kid can if Mums &/or Daddos are well-prepared and put the munchkin's needs at the top of the list.  Thanks for reading and cheers!

festie tips more

sleepy boy

festie tips

reading at show

Arthur reading at the main stage


pilgrim show

Arthur & Daddo at Pilgrim

justin and arthuroo

Arthur and Daddo

festie daddo arthur

delorean 2

delorean 1

FreeTulsa Arthur and Beth with Shrekcicle shirt



lucas and roo

beer tent

cameron and arthur

ghostbusters 1

Sleepy boy

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Valerie said...

No way, a Deloreon was there? (NO idea how to spell it, but I sure as heck know my Back to the Future movies!) Doug should've told me! He was there both nights volunteering for Marc. I stayed home with the little man, although now I'm thinking I should have gone, too...:)

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