Ribbon necklaces, floral headband and sequin applique hat, oh my!

Cuteness reigned supreme today at the Collinsville Splash Pad, where super hot mama Jessica was rocking the DIY even in the oppressive red dirt heat.  Check out her fabulous sequin applique hat:

I also had fun showing off this adorable headband. I don't have a tutorial for it...I bought it. But I bet it would be super easy to make.  If you know of a tutorial, hook me up with the link!

But here's my favorite part, a goodie for you!  Really, this goodie is for Jessica, since she commented on how much she loved my necklaces and thought she'd like to go home and try them...

I made these little necklaces on my lunch break the other day.  I still have tons of ribbon left over from that amazing garage sale of dreams where I found it amidst the clutter and chaos of broken toys and furniture and dirty-faced children dancing around in twice-handed down clothes as some Staind-clones blasted from a grease-slicked cassette-radio atop a stack of cardboard boxes.  We were driving by slowly when among the washed-out monochromes of a north side Tulsa summer junk sale, something caught my eye...vivid reds and purples peeked out of a low-lying box like pansies blooming in a landfill.  "Stop the car!" I'd squealed, and manically, almost immediately leapt across the unkind ground, bare feet gliding across broken glass and broken tar, and had with lightning speed shoved my hands into a box loaded with vintage notions and bias tape and ribbons and breathtaking lace...the overheated sellers had told me, "Three bucks.  Fill a bag."  I had to stop myself from having a scoronary.  Breathe.  

When they realized I had every intention of filling the bag to the level of stuffed, they tried to stop me, caught the glimmer that something was wrong with their valuing of the old shop-blackened Levi's at five bucks and what I had for such a price, but I smiled.  The deal was done.  These people were hagglers, just shy of nomads. No need to restate the obvious.  

I grabbed me treasure and jetted.  Arrrrrrrrghhh.

Anyway, I have tons of the stuff, so I made these little cuties inspired by this May Arts post:

Here is another pic.

They were soooo easy to make and took hardly any time.  Love them?  I do!

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FABJESS said...

Hey there!
Thanks so much for highlighting my fab cadet hat! It's my fave accessory of this season. I bought the cadet hat at the Army Surplus in Tulsa for $6. Hobby Lobby has them for $5. I bought my sparkly applique at Hobby Lobby with a 40% coupon and paid $3. I just placed the applique where I wanted it and ironed it from the underside. So EZ and it only cost me $9! I've enjoyed reading your blog. Loving your writing style. I've become a follower and look forward to your next post!


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