Dharma Beer and Ranch Dressing

I am getting super excited as the end of the end of the very very end of LOST approaches.  Instead of turning this post into a super geeky lit analysis (just wait...it's coming), I am going to post links for LOST party DIY.  Anyone who's ever been into any kind of fandom knows that sharing one's geeky fixation with others multiplies the energy exponentially.  Since we are going to catch the finale at Circle Cinema, I am thinking about doing a mini-LOST party for our own lostie friends the week before.

Dharma logos to print
More Lost labels for all a family's household goods
Last minute LOST party from DIY Newlyweds
Bake some fish biscuits from Kung Foodie
LOST party ideas on craftsterPublish Post
More ideas from DIY Life and a pretty thorough part 2 with tons of links
Font with all your favorite Losties' heads from dafont
More LOST logos font from dafont complete with Mega Jackpot and Drive Shaft among many others
Dafont's dharma logos
This party wrap-up from Craisin is by far my favorite.  She's got a "Namaste New Recruits" banner and Oceanic boarding passes for her guest.

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