Summer Wish List

After watching the PBS presentation The Buddha last night, I feel okay with the reality that while I strive for voluntary simplicity, I still like to have nice stuff sometimes in moderation.  Asceticism just isn't my thing, but neither is the suburban dream, although both of those things have their merits.  Thank goodness I can Stan Marsh it right here in the middle.  Anyway, here's some stuff I love right this very minute:

Amy Butler towel...matches my chocolate-and-blues bathroom.

Lush Supernova bath bomb full of lovely confetti and fairy jasmine bath bomb loaded with glitter (have to give the bath a good clean after that one or Justin's head will explode.  Or maybe I'll just make my own, like notmartha did.

The Indie Rock Coloring Book.  I am not into some of the bands, but I love the images and I know Arthur and I will have a blast coloring them together.  Plus, the proceeds will go to various charities picked by the artists featured.

Love this Loop dog den; while it may not be big enough to prevent the super uncool daily recurrence of "The Incident" (where I get out of bed and step on Maynard, who growls/yelps at me but refuses to move as I trip over his lumpy, furry physique and fall into the wall [it's a small room for a king size bed]), it might actually be a tempting snuggle spot for aging Cosmo and Gita, who I frequently wake up to find nestled cozily (and uncomfortably on my behalf) between my knees.

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Charley Harper memory game for Arthurbot.

Kids' Night Out Bingo

And night out bingo to play with Mr. Man while we are waiting on dinner at El Guapo's or Joe Momma's.

S/S Polo

I pretty much love everything from Fore Axel and Hudson, and it's not really that expensive comparatively for boutique boys' clothing.

Fore Axel & Hudson - Golf Tee Polo - Bachelor BlueS/S POLO SHIRT

Yes, I realize I am dressing Arthur like a little Justin.  I am going to enjoy it before I am begged into decking him in Spider-Mans and Spongebobs (doesn't matter if I like it...the boy gets what the boy wants, within reason.)

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