Just some music we like, for no reason at all

The Flaming Lips
My all time favorite Oklahoma band. It's really one of my favorite bads total. No they aren't the most incredible musicians, and Wayne doesn't exactly sing on key, but their music is full of hope and fun and their show is a total experience rather than just a performance. All Oklahomans should see them at least once. Recorded at their 2nd Tulsa appearance playing what would later become The State of Oklahoma's official rock song, you can either l
ove it or hate it. However, It's law and it's official, so jut love it. We were at this show and Arthur was also there, but he could only feel the music at the time.

The Mars Volta
All 3 of us saw them in 2009 at Bonnaroo, and was a highlight of the weekend. Of course, little Monkey had hearing protection on because these guys are LOUD! And full of energy. This particular video is from Bonnaroo, but it's their earlier 2005 performance which K and I saw. They had technical troubles and didn't start playing 'til 12:30 AM, and didn't stop 'til nearly 3. And this was probably the loudest concert I've ever heard. It was intense.

This is Radiohead performing their own music at Bonnaroo 2006. One of us wasn't around yet. Amazing performance. Maybe my favorite ever. Actually, yes, my favorite concert experience to date.

Ghostland Observatory
Discovered these guys at Dfest with our whole trio complete with bottles, stroller, and diapers in tow. Fell in love with their quirky electronic jam and spectacular laser setup immediately.

Gnarls Barkley
Actually a 2fer, because they are performing a Radiohead song
at the Roskilde music festival in Denmark. No, we were not at this festival. Yes, we will go there one day.

These are all a bit more cutting edge. Far from the mainstream, which is where I usually travel, but I do have a sensible side. I'll post some more familiar tunes later. But for now, maybe you'll hear something new you just may like.

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