Our life so far in numbers: a pictorial chronology of love and learning


Number of months apart that Justin and I were born at Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa.

I wish I had some scanned baby photos of young Justin. His eyes were as blue on blue as they are today and held a universe of curiosity; his hair was a mess of Tennessee sunset.

Justin was born to wonderful, talented parents and grew up with two of the loveliest brothers anyone will ever had. Each has their own unique style and interests and the three of them grew up to be some of the best catches around.

I grew up across town from him, back when the east side of Tulsa was much more rural. Although our paths never crossed, we both grew up with a passion for music, the arts, knowledge, and adventure.


Number of years ago that Justin and I became a couple. He was the best surprise of my life. We drank in the sky and sounds and earth and love. Every moment was youth and energy and growth. We became the people we are today incrementally, over a moment, an hour, a year, a decade. We didn't know then that we would essentially grow up together. We were so busy embracing the beautiful, drunken present that we never imagined the endless, breathless years to follow. The day he took me to the lake and we crawled out onto the rocks to inhale the stars and the water, the day he told first me he loved me, lives in my soul like a guardian angel.


The house number of our first home, the home we live in now, our perfect little hobbit hole.


The day in May 2001 when we wrapped ourselves up in this beautiful knot.

Number of years we spent together before Arthur came into our lives.


Arthur's birth weight.

Three, oh three, it's a magic number.


Number of years that Arthur's been with us.  We love this little monkey!


Anonymous said...

oh my god this is adorable!!! you always were so talented! you are so blessed with a loving family, it is obvious to all that you were meant to be a mother.

Melanie said...

Kristi, I love this! You should print it out in a book for Arthur.

Mrs. Owen of Yorktown said...

Thanks everyone! Laura, you should subscribe!

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