Faux Dreads and Messy Buns

Many people have asked about my little twisties, AKA "faux dreads."

I am posting a link to the original tutorial from adorable Love Maegan as well as my pics.  These pictures are from about four days in, a miraculous feat for me since I am a daily hair washer.  I only took them out when I went to my amazing stylist Corie Butler.

People also ask me often about how I create the messy bun ponies I so often wear (two low ponies are a good solution for those of you with thick, heavy hair like mine).  Basically, I pull my hair into two low (or high, depending on how funky my mood is...low seems more appropriate for working at the school) ponies, banding them tightly.  I take a second elastic on each one in turn and pull the hair up to the elastic in a kind of loop, putting a second band around each pony and leaving just a little hair out so it's nice and messy.  So that it will be a nice, solid, hold and still very messy, I then grab the hair close to the original pony band, the underneath part, and pull it as if I am tightening a ponytail.  Then I have this:

Or if you do just a single messy pony it looks like this:

Here is another adorable tute with some added detail from The Wright Hair.  Enjoy!

(Did anyone notice I am holding a different baby in one of those pics?  The boy in the hospital pic is my little precious nephew Nono, as the bot calls him. He is lovely and his bright blue eyes will make all the girls cry someday!).

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