Seven Below

Blue, splinter and grow
New crystals of snow
Seen several kinds
Through seven below

Nine degrees outside and the thermostat is reading ten off from where it's set. Our thermo usually runs high, so amid my shivering I am worrying that we be forced to abandon ship later.

Think I need a...

Aah, that's better.

Reminds me of when we spent the coldest March in decades here:

...ducking into warm cafes where pink noses and glowing smiles peeked out above wool H&M scarves of black and chocolate and rich navy. But these people know how to do it. All the buildings were toasty, even at 15 degrees outside. 

Maybe it reminds me more of this...

Which unfortunately caused a lot of this to happen...

Tulsa weather is fascinating, equally beautiful and destructive. The collision of so much hot and cold due to our location in the middle of the continent can be violent.

It can also be perilously hot in the summer for weeks and miserably cold in the winter. Our friends up north, where weeks on end transform the world into cold tundra, probably think, "Bah," but it's the dramatic nature of the weather that we love and hate so much.

If only I had a decent maternity coat!

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