DIY duct tape dress form

...starring me from 11 years ago!

What you will need:

1. Duct tape (several rolls). I used traditional old robot costume duct tape, but next time I make one I am going to order this stuff from Spoon Sisters. If you're going to be keeping the form around, it would be nice to have it be cute, after all.

2. Scissors
3. A friend

4. An old tee shirt

5. Vodka (optional but highly recommended)

Now let's begin.

Step one. Put on the t-shirt. This is the easy one.

Step two. Have your friend duct tape a fashionable blouse a la Terry Gilliam's Brazil over your t-shirt. It needs to go all the way down to your thighs.

***NOTE: If this is for a special occasion in which you will be wearing different unders than the usual (e.g. a corset), wear it to create the form. I wore a sexy corset under my wedding gown and my boobs were like 3/4 an inch higher than they were on the form. Result: BOOB PUCKERS on my wedding day. Fortunately, no one said anything, and you can't really tell in the pictures, but since we had an out-of-town wedding, there was nothing to be done for it but more of step three.


Wrap all the way up, bringing the tape across boobage diagonally as needed to accommodate your lusciousness. Keep going!

Step three. Drink vodka.

Step four. This is where you really have to trust your homegirl. Have her cut up the back of the taped-up shirt, carefully.

I can see why he married me from this angle. Mmmm, curvy.

Step five. Tape that baby back together exactly where you cut it (but only not on your body this time).

Step six. Cover the holes with cardboard or paper or whatever you have to close them off.

Step seven. More vodka.

Step eight. Stuff that baby with some kind of polyester fill and close off the bottom with cardboard and you guessed it...more tape!

Step nine. Congratulations! You are all ready to make that gothic dress for the Cure tribute show.
Have a vodka to celebrate!

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