Day at the Zoo

2011 to-do: buy more family memberships. 

Hub is going to be home full-time with the kiddos every day and few things are more challenging than keeping a fun routine with two young children, one being an infant. I used to get the worst cabin fever when stuck inside all day with the little girls I kept a couple of days a week, and finding interesting places to take them where I didn't go crazy trying to keep them both corralled was a drag sometimes. This year, we had Philbrook and Tulsa Zoo memberships, so anytime the guys got restless, they would pop up to the museum or had the zoo as an option. Tulsa really is a good place to have a family because there is a lot to do and unlike my BFF in St. Louis, it doesn't take forty minutes to drive anywhere we want to go.

A couple of days before Christmas, we had an amazing pretend-summer day and so we headed to the zoo. It was beautiful; I kept remarking to Justin how amazed I was at the weather and didn't want the day to end. I was like a parrot. Although we love snow (it is our consolation prize), winter and the Yorktown Owens are not friends.

Artie doesn't travel without Mr. Flarvel-Flarvel these days. Arthur has also been cultivating his pretend-pout. 
Flarvel-Flarvel rode in our bike trailer with Arthur and Gowey  (Flarvel-Flarvel is pals with Gowey, Arthur's imaginary girl ghost friend), which we use as a large stroller sometimes. He loved all the animals

What a terrific name!

Inside the Children's Zoo.

Arthur understands that chimps are not monkeys but apes and that they care for their babies, eat and play in ways that are much like ours because we are "related."

Penguins are our favorite animal.

It was another lovely day for the Yorktown Owens!

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