Pregnant Writer's Bedtime Essentials

Justin arranges a little tray for me on the piano bench and places it next to our living room bed every night.
He's hands-down the best. I love that man.

These are my pregnancy essentials and other goodies that I find there:

Hard Candy nail polish in Beetle. 
One never knows when one will be suddenly overtaken by the powerful need for shimmery purple/green fingernails while watching Seinfeld reruns at bedtime.

House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski
Nothing like a little self-indulgent mind-numbing postmodern thinky lampoon of the literary analysis field before bedtime.

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Lotion
I love this stuff. I cover my tummy in it each night...yum!

  Stainless Steel Water Bottle
When you are pregnant, you pretty much have to drink water constantly. This bottle is my everywhere companion, and I can't make a mess when I knock it over.

Deluxe Sleep Mask
Justin ordered this for me online.  I can't sleep without it!

Kiss My Face moisturizer
Because there is absolutely no good excuse for not moisturizing

Burt's Bees Royal Jelly Eye Creme
I am coming up on 35 and I have been denying Mother Nature her dues for about 5 years with this stuff.


Universal Remote Control
 When I wake up at 3, 4, and 5 AM with prego insomnia, this is my access to The Patty Duke Show  and The Outer Limits.

HTC Hero Android Phone
My alarm clock, my mah-jong partner, my middle-of-the-night Wikipedia.

Concept OB prenatal vitamins
Through each of my pregnancies I struggled with weight loss due to nausea and vomiting. In my pregnancy with Arthur, I ended up only taking children's vitamins because the ensuing illness was so debilitating. These are some of the smallest prenatals available and contain extra B6 to help with nausea. It was an absolute revelation when I found this pill.

Kleenex tissue paper
Pregnant noses are like faucets.

Small Pink Moleskine Notebooks
Ideas for fiction usually come when I am comfortably lying in bed and far from being able to easily lug my ginormous pregnant belly across the room for a not-so-easily grabbed pen and paper.

Mint Ultra Fine Sharpie
I love me some Sharpies. They are everywhere...in my purse, stashed in the breadbox I use to store the remotes. Ideas always seem so much more emphatic when written in heavy mint green ink, non?

Hemp Lip Balm
I need to be kissable when hubby comes to bed.

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