Memory lane

I've had such a great time reminiscing with the scanner today.

I found family history photos--

Isn't my mom sweet in her poodle skirt?

Holy guacamole...she looks like someone...

And what pretty wedding colors...someone else should use those...

I genuinely love this dress. My aunt is like spun sugar in it.

And I found lots of old photos of our friends...

This is my high school, Emmanuel Christian Academy. The girl on the left is Kisha, who has been one of my best friends since high school and is one of Arthur's godparents. She is amazing.

This is us and all of our friends at a Roger Waters show in Dallas around 2000 or so. Yep, I rock a fanny pack.

I also found some terrific pics from my bachelorette party--

--at least from the publishable parts of the evening.
I love these ladies so much.

I also found some wonderful forgotten images from our wedding--

Those colors! How pretty. They look familiar...

I made the flower arrangements, by the way.

...along with the floral wreath on my head. A girlfriend made my gown. Isn't it lovely? Sigh.

What a great time. I can't wait for our anniversary party in May!
We were dragging Hello Kitties all the way to Colorado.

I also found some more pics from our trip to Europe...

This was inside a castle. A castle, I say!

...and images of many other places I hope to see in my sweet, sweet dreams.

Good-night, friends. Be happy!

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