Party, party, party!

So many events to plan.

First, Artie's #3. For his shower, he got a yellow submarine theme to match his bedroom. The first year, we had a robot party. Last year, it was Wonderland. This year, Arthur got to choose. The winner? Trains. Can I make trains fun and not some dorky tribute to Thomas? Thank heaven for blogs like Kara's Party Ideas.

Second, Lucy's shower. My cousin Heather is throwing this one for me, but I can't help obsessively planning along with her. It's going to be a rainbow theme. Rainbows!!! I love rainbows. This one should be hard for me to keep my hand out of...

Finally, our 10/14 anniversary party. Ten years married, 14 together. Holy moly...I have students at the college that are only 16! We've been planning, and planning, and then impregnating, and planning, and gestating, and oh man have we dropped the ball on this one. The theme is TBD. We were going for this whole elaborate Flaming Lips show-inspired motif, but now that we are doing Lucy's room in a Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots mural, we're not repeating the theme for our party.

All three of these parties are in a three-month time frame. Can I handle this while lugging around a massive watermelon-sized middle and still manage a full-time job? Watch me.

And pictures from Arthur's robot party in 2009.


Our friend Sacha made this cake.

Party favors.

The robot-themed party book. Everyone signed in my favorite bright-colored permanent markers.

We had a blast making these hats. We used plain solid-colored party hats and covered them with robots stickers, pom poms, and pipe cleaners, replacing the elastic with ribbons.

More favors. Justin and I love making these felt plushies for the kids. They're so easy to make...simply develop a template in a shape you like and cut out with cardboard, then use it to cut out felt in the same shape. Then use various shapes from around the house (cookie cutters, etc) and make templates for the eyes and other parts. Sew with embroidery thread, stuff, and close it up with your sewing machine. Voila! You have some happy kids. We also love making monster plushies. They make terrific DIY Christmas and birthday gifts.

Our party guests also got antennae so they could receive transmissions from the robot overlord.

Easy banner made from silver paper plates, neon scrapbook paper, ribbon and glitter.

We used removable wall stickers on the windows.

Since three of the guests were babies, we made a robot house for them to crawl around in. It doesn't look terrific, and if I do it again I won't rush. Obviously, it's a cardboard box covered in iridescent wrapping and robots (which, as you can see here, the kids had fun ripping apart).

Here's a list of some of my favorite links for party inspiration.

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