Bungalow Remodel: Kitchen cabinet overhaul

We are repainting the kitchen, which has nothing to do with the baby's room, but because the kitchen simply sucks.

Ten years or so ago, my girlfriend Kate and I decided to paint the kitchen from its previous hideous incarnation to blue over a pitcher of Bloody Marys and the entire Owen catalog of Pink Floyd on vinyl.

At the time, it was cool. But as the years went by, it started to look kind of gray. Eventually, I realized it had been gray all along, and we'd simply been too drunk to notice. It hadn't been gray in the store, mind you, but the house's vampiric bad decor energy had sort of sucked the thing a little sallow and it landed in the vicinity of elephant gray.

Pretend like the paint has been finished and this looks pretty cool. Our ceiling is very high, making these cabinets practically unusable for me at 5'3". I kept forgetting what they held, so I decided to take the doors off. We covered the back in fabric using spray adhesive, and voila.

I love it. I was inspired by Cath Kidston's cheery colors. Now I just need to get up there and finish the paint! 

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Valerie said...

Fun! And a great idea.

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