Royal Wedding Watch Party

I am totally obsessed with the British royals.

Not just the contemporary ones...I hung on Jonathan Rhys Meyers' every word as the pretty boy version of Henry VIII.

Of course, I liked Shakespeare's PC version better, which conveniently overlooks the beheading of Anne Boleyn, his former sovereign's mother...

But the Tudors and the Stewarts are so last millenia.

The Windsors are where it's at these days. I can't say I wasn't giddily beside myself when the old lady from Essex at my prenatal ultrasound appointment launched a forever monologue on her adoration for the royals. Then it occurred to me...I can be like the pub-lining Brits with their gambling pools on Kate's gown designer and the cake. I am totally, totally going to have a royal wedding watch party, even if I am the only person there.

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