Christmas day at our cozy little gnome home

Cookies for Claus.

We sprinkled reindeer food (oats and glitter) on the lawn to help Santa's friends find our chimney. 

Sipping egg nog.

I like to stretch Christmas out as far as possible, so we opened a few gifts on the Eve. Artie loves puzzies. He took great pleasure in showing his good friend Marley how this one works two days later.

The ubiquitous self-portrait, the only way I will ever end up in any pictures since I am a shutterbug. How prego sleepy do I look?

Santa's treats and food for the reindeer. Arthur's egg nog lurks in the background. See how well the mod podge table has held up?

Santa picked up this old school train at a resale shop near 11th and Utica. The track took up a lot of space in our living room, but the conductor loves it. He is train crazy; one of his favorite places to eat is Ollie's, a diner where trains abound. Looks like we will be having a train-themed birthday party this year.

Hubmuffin got a new wallet in his stocking.

After opening our gifts, we headed to Papi/Mimo's for more fun. Arthur got what he asked Santa for...cake!

It was a lovely day!

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